The Upper GI Surgery Unit of UMMC treats a variety of complex upper gastrointestinal and general surgical conditions. Most of the surgeries are performed minimally invasive (either through a small keyhole incision or via endoscopy). This enables the patient to have a quicker recovery, less pain and faster return to their daily activities. The unit offers services in the following categories.
  1. Malignant Upper GI conditions
    1. Stomach Cancer
    2. Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumours (GIST)
    3. Oesophageal Cancer
    4. Small Intestine Cancer
If the tumour is detected early, they are can be managed using the minimally invasive approach.
  1. Benign Upper GI conditions
    1. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
    2. Hiatal Hernias
    3. Achalasia Cardia
    4. Benign Strictures
  1. Surgical Treatment of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
    1. Morbid obesity
    2. Obesity with Metabolic Syndrome (eg, poorly controlled diabetes)
  1. General Surgical Services
    1. Inguinal Hernias
    2. Abdominal Wall Hernia
    3. Gallbladder Surgery
    4.  Spleen Surgery
  2. Endoscopic Service
    1. Gastroscopy
    2. Colonoscopy
    3. Oesophageal Manometry
All of the above conditions (2-4) are usually treated with minimally invasive surgery. Options include conventional laparoscopy (10 and 5 mm incisions), mini-laparoscopy (3mm incisions) or single port surgery – for selected cases. POEM (Per oral Endoscopic Myotomy) for Achalasia with requires no incisions is also offered.


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